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What is it about?

Following the articles in the FTD and other German newspapers, readers have already provided lots of information, but they have also asked questions. At this juncture, we wish to make these perfectly clear!

In the case of Absolute v. Ficeto, Homm, et al., a verdict had been reached, as of April 2012. It was stated that the case lay outside the boundaries of US-American law, that an appeal had been entered, and that the case could be retried.  

Potential claimants who, owing to a lack of information, have hitherto refrained from entering a claim could now receive back their money after all.

Please address any questions you may have to Wifka.

Furthermore, the American DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has contacted Wifka and enquired as to whether there is information available regarding any business dealings in South America involving Mr Homm.

Please contact Wifka concerning the conditions for the payment of the EUR 1,500,000.00 reward.

Call Tel.: +49 (0)176 39 73 09 16



1.) Who can provide information as to the current location of Florian Homm, or name his location exactly? Up-to-date photos of the 2.05 metre-tall Florian Homm are requested as proof of the information's validity.

2.) Who knows the name of the yacht owned or rented by Mr Homm?
Who knows the current location of the yacht or the names of the harbour or harbours at which it frequently docks?

3.) Who can provide accurate information as to the times when Mr Homm is at the Liberian embassy in Paris?

4.) Who has information as to the country or countries in which Mr Homm pays his taxes?

5.) Who can provide information concerning any of Mr Homm's bank accounts or foundations?

6.) Who can provide the names of banks or bankers involved either domestically or abroad?

7.) Who can provide information as to countries other than the USA in which there are investigations or criminal proceedings involving Mr Homm? E.g. because of identity fraud / use of false documents, etc.

8.) Have any persons or foreign authorities issued Mr Homm with forged documents? If yes, then which persons or authorities?

9.) Who can provide concrete information regarding any businessmen or strawmen with whom Mr Homm is in contact or with whom he conducts business transactions, either globally or in America, South America, Germany, or other European countries?

10.) Who can provide information regarding any potential illegal business activities involving Mr Homm?