jewel robbery from the Green Vault in Dresden

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On the morning of November 25, 2019, jewel thieves stole priceless jewellery with diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds from a display case in the historic Green Vault in Dresden. Dresden police have now offered a reward of 500,000 Euros for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators and the return of the jewels.

The experts’ great fear is that the perpetrators will break the diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds out of their settings in order to sell them, thus destroying these treasures for ever.
Because of this concern, a private individual (patron of the arts) has contracted the Wifka company with the following instructions, with the intention of achieving the safe retrieval of the jewellery, ideally undamaged, and its return to Dresden Castle:
This private individual, who would like to remain anonymous at present, is therefore, independently from the reward offered by the police, offering a reward of 1,300,000 Euros in cash (in original Deutsche Bank packaging, as shown in the video) for the return of the entire list of goods stolen from the Green Vault, ideally undamaged, to Dresden Castle via the Wifka company.

It should be explicitly noted that the reward will only be paid if the jewellery is successfully retrieved and only under the conditions stated above and to this end. The reward is in cash and has been securely deposited.

The Wifka company’s client has no interest in the arrest of the perpetrators, only in the reacquisition of the jewels. This means that the arrest of the perpetrators is irrelevant to this reward and is a matter for the police as well as the prosecuting authorities.

With the reward, which has been made available privately, the Wifka company’s client’s sole interest is preventing the destruction of the treasures, if possible, and ensuring that they return to their proper place to preserve their cultural and sentimental value. In offering this reward, the client hopes for widespread support of their appeal by both the public and the media, in order to ensure that the information reaches the appropriate recipients.

Contact regarding implementation of the return can be made in a suitable manner, if necessary via a trusted go-between, with the company Wifka GmbH or its director Josef Resch personally.

The company Wifka GmbH and its director Josef Resch are active in the field of investigations, particularly for private clients, who often wish to remain anonymous, and are internationally known for their unconventional and successful working methods in matters of major significance.



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